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Automatic production line for high-strength steel thermoforming
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    The automatic production line of high strength steel hot forming is the automatic production line, which integrates the processes of blanking, material transportation, marking, heating, forming, anti oxidation, hot stamping, quenching cooling, cutting and shot blasting. Automatically sheet dismantling duo, duo feed conversion, magnetic layered, double detection, plate material code, heating, high temperature detection, plate material for machine, material presses stamping, cooling and mechanical hand material work. The high strength steel is heated to 900 to 1000 DEG C, austenite to martensite transformation, stamping forming and rapid quenching, so as to obtain higher strength (1200 to 1500MPa) and higher hardness of the workpiece, is widely used in the forming of automotive body parts, improve the vehicle's lightweight and improve vehicle crash safety.