Building the first brand in stamping automation line

Automation special machine
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  • Introduction
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          Loading beam is an important part of large truck and bus frame. It is generally molded  by   heavy presses which is more than 4000  tons.  the workpiece is very heavy, the production efficiency is low, therefore,the development of automatic feeding system is imperative.

          The 6300 auto longeron punching and  blanking system,developed and manafactured for Wanlong industry ,filled the domestic blank, breaking the monopoly by foreign companies in the field of China's domestic market , marking a significant breakthrough in the Chinese automation products and technology development. The system has advantages of high degree of automation, easy operation and maintenance, both  the single operated and  interlock operated ,in addition it  has also a memory function to the process parameters and the oil mist lubrication function,  which  can  simultaneously spray lubrication on the sheet below.